Benefits of Underlay

Photo by  Hal Gatewood  on  Unsplash

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Underlay is fundamental to how your carpet feels, wears and looks. The correct underlay could increase the life of your carpet by up to 50%. It acts as a shock absorber, sound inhibitor and insulation and protects your flooring from wear and tear. 

Top Benefits of Underlay

  • Adds comfort underfoot
  • Increases the life of your carpet
  • Acts as a shock absorber, protecting the condition of your floor
  • Is a barrier against noise
  • Insulates and could save you money on your energy bills

Using old underlay under new carpets is a false economy as it is much more likely to show signs of wear, especially in high traffic areas of your home, which will cause ridges and make the carpet wear unevenly. Also, your old underlay will contain dirt and dust and old stains and spillages which will spoil your new carpet. 
It adds a level of cushioning underneath your carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminate or engineered wood

flooring making it much more comfortable to walk on and it can also help towards reducing your energy bills by a significant amount as it traps heat under your floor, insulating the room and keeping it warm. 

There are many types of underlay available and many that a specifically designed for different types of flooring including carpet, vinyl, laminate and wood flooring.  There are also those designed specifically for insulation, underfloor heating and soundproofing.  

An appropriate underlay is key to the finish, feel and longevity of your carpet and using the right underlay will ensure you get your money’s worth!

We will be able to advise you on the best choice for your flooring.