Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Photo by  Tran Thanh  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tran Thanh on Unsplash


To help protect your floorcovering from varying levels of traffic and also as the first defence against the weather, we strongly recommend that barrier mats be installed at entry points to the building to limit the amount of wet and dry soiling. If maintained correctly, these barrier mats should limit the transfer of foot borne contamination and make the daily cleaning and maintenance programme even easier. Polish or maintainers should not to be applied to the surface of vinyl floors.

Initial Treatment

  1. Allow at least 5 days from the completion of the installation of the floorcovering, prior to carrying out any wet cleaning.
  2. Ensure that all trace of adhesive is removed from the surface of the floorcovering.
  3. Clean floor area with a vacuum, soft broom or preferably a dust control mop.


  • For general ongoing maintenance sweep or vacuum regularly and then mop floor applying the minimum amount of moisture necessary.  Use a diluted solution of a PH neutral detergent.  The floor should be dry within a few minutes of cleaning.
  • To prevent tearing and scratching avoid dragging furniture and appliances across the vinyl and, of course, sharp foot wear and animal claws can damage the surface.
  • Clean up spills immediately and do not drop hot ashes or coals onto the floor.